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Four Towns Plumbing, Inc. - Plumbing Tips

  • At Four Towns Plumbing, Inc., we're always ready to resolve any problems your plumbing system may be facing.

    Before you pay us to come and take a look, consider these quick plumbing tips to troubleshoot the issue.

    Simple solutions to resolvable problems

    Problem: Your water heater doesn't produce hot water.

    Tip: Check the circuit breaker. Turn it off for 10 seconds and then turn it on. Wait for 30 minutes and then check the water temperature. If that doesn't work, heating elements may need to be replaced.

    Problem: Water is leaking from your water heater.

    Tip: It's time to have your water heater replaced.

    Problem: Your faucet keeps running and won't shut off.

    Tip: Find the chrome shut-off valves under your sinks and toilets. Most turn off in the clockwise direction. Turn them off and then repair or replace the faucet.

    Problem: Your toilet keeps turning on and off.

    Tip: Your flapper is leaking and needs to be changed.

    Problem: Your drain is running slowly.

    Tip: Slowly run a lot of hot water down the drain. See if the clog clears.

    General hints: Never pay up front for remodeling work. Pay only after you receive quality work. For help in emergencies, know where your home's water shut-off and outside drain clean-out plug are located.

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